My Story

How I got where I am

Hi There!

I’m Alli and I absolutely love design! My love for design started when I was a kid, it was always a passion of mine thanks to my parents. My mom taught art at a local high school and my dad is an engineer. With this combination of creativity, my family was alway busy making things and this has always stuck with me. I was alway taking art classes throughout school; they the best part of my day, but I never considered it something I could do as a career. Before I stumbled into the wacky world of graphic design, I was set on being a high school math or science teacher, but I soon realized that was not for me. After a few weeks of my graphic design class in high school (A.K.A. how to put type in InDesign) I was hooked! There were so many things that I could do and I wanted to try them all!


In 2014, I graduated from high school in a tiny town in upstate New York where there are more cows than people and no red lights. From there I moved to Albany to go to college and study graphic design. It was a big change but it was a great change, full of opportunities and new beginnings.

My senior year of high school I interned at an in-house scenery design company where I learned about the different parts of a company and this is where I first saw art as a career. My junior year of college I completed an internship with Upside Collective, a design firm in downtown Albany. Here I worked on making a card to send our to clients to say thank you. I also worked on making videos for LG to demonstrate how to use their online portals. Also, I produced shirts for one of our clients and updated all the images on their website. At the end of this internship, I accepted a position with Upside Collective as a junior designer. Every day I continue to learn more and more and I love every second of it!

I love being busy and being busy for me means being involved in many activities in my community. Here are a few of the things I've done: President of the College's AIGA chapter / President of Student United Way / Head Student Ambassador / tour guide / Head Orientation Leader / Student Government / Staff of Vernacular (yearly student art publication)

♦︎When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina/teacher/engineer-I'm not really sure what that is, to be honest! ♦︎ I absolutely love hot air balloons! Every year my family goes to a hot air balloon festival and if it were a holiday it would top Christmas! ♦︎I love being outdoors, whether I'm kayaking, riding my bike, taking a walk, camping, swimming, or just reading a book! ♦︎I'm really bad a bingo - like really bad - and I don't even know how! It's a game of chance!

I was raised to work hard, push myself, to respect others, be passionate, and to always try to do what is right, and I am so lucky to grow up in a family who supports me. The past few years I have come to realize two things: The first one being that art students are…unique… in all the best ways, and the second is that because of the values that I was raised with,  I am capable of great things. And this is what I plan to keep working towards. I want to take my knowledge and passion for design and do great things. I want to help people with design and I want to make an impact on my community.